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Back to the Wall: Protecting Your Spine and Health in the Era of Remote Working

There are a few parts of the body that require time and effort to maintain and one of them is the spine, but your overall body is equally important. With the popularization of remote working, you may find your posture and health worse than ever, so here are some tips from Brandy Over 40 to help you straighten up and protect your spinal and overall health.

Mental Health

The research is increasingly clear: those experiencing depression, psychosis, anxiety, or sleeping problems are far more likely to develop chronic back pain. Doctors are now in growing agreement that mental health ailments and back pain share a “pathophysiology.” Therefore, a holistic approach towards your spinal health would also mean taking care of mental health.

The question is, what can be done to address both sides of the coin? A good first step is to work on your sleep routine. A good night’s sleep reduces slouching during the day and improves frame of mind. To ensure a full 7-9 hours, you’ll need to carefully monitor your food and drink intake in the hours leading up to bedtime. It’s also important to pay close attention to your sunlight exposure, especially in the summer months when it can be bright until late in the evening.

Another important factor is your chakras, or centers of energy. Learning to balance your chakras will drastically improve your daily interactions, wellbeing, physical health, and subsequently, your posture.

Stress management is also key to good mental and physical health. A certain amount of stress can be good for you; it is all in how you incorporate it into your daily life, so that coping with everyday responsibilities feels more comfortable and productive.


To prevent the development of spinal issues, it’s always important to keep moving and employ exercises. If you’re working from home, it’s easier than ever to take some time away from the computer and try some back flexion exercises, hip stretches, or even horizontal chin to chest stretches. By working your body in this way, you can strengthen the muscles around the spine and reduce the chances of a bad accident. Alternatively, you can use the numerous recommended yoga poses to help maintain healthy movement and keep your body flexible.

You may find that it’s difficult to tune out the world enough to exercise in peace. After all, a major drawback of working from home is the abundance of distractions. If this is the case for you, try looking into quality headphones that match your budget and that can help to drown out any noise. You can even build a couple of playlists to help motivate you as you’re working up a sweat.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to set up a home gym, if possible. Not only will that encourage you to stay healthy, but improvements like this also improve the appraisal value of your home!

Expert Help

The safest, most assured way to sustain your long-term spinal health is with the help of a professional. Finding a chiropractor who’s right for you is an exercise in and of itself, but the right individual can use procedures, spinal manipulation, and coaching to engender abiding back health and correct posture. Remember to carry out plenty of background checks and ensure their services are backed by credentials; after all, this is one area of your body you can’t take risks with, and bad practices can lead to chronic, irreversible damage.

It’s easy to disregard spinal health but failure to correct bad habits or early deterioration can result in years of pain and discomfort. Our most basic functions–standing, sitting, and even sleeping–require functional vertebrae. It’s important to take action now and avoid issues in the years to come.

Article Written by Derek Goodman

Brandy Jones of Brandy Over 40 is a working mom with 3 kids, just trying to make the best life. She encourages you to reach out with ideas for new blogs, or information you feel might be useful to others: email her at

Image by Pexels

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