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Welcome to my Messy Life...

Hi! I'm Brandy.

I'm a Working Mom over 40 of 3 kids... well Young Adults and lots of Pets. I'm just trying to make the best life I can and sharing with my circle of friends. I am not easily defined.

  • I'm geeky.

  • I love gardening.

  • I love research.

  • I'm creative.

  • I have a lot of medical issues.

  • I've gone through a lot of soul searching and have learned about the power of positivity.

  • I have a background in Strategic Management.

  • I also have found an immediate need to build up a retirement late in life, due to challenges with divorce - So I'm building Passive Income Streams.


Please leave comments if you like certain articles, so I know what to write more of!

My life is messy. Come with me. Join me in One or More Areas of my Life

This is BrandyOver40

Below You Find Parts of My Life


Information and Products for Life Over 40

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