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Disclosures, Terms & Conditions

Affiliate Disclosure:

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.


Brandy Over 40 reserves the right to remove messages, block users after a warning and update policy without notice. The following posts and/or replies are subject to removal and the responsible user(s) being blocked from the discussion board: inflammatory; derogatory; controversial; religious; political; off-topic; profanity; posting another user's e-mail address (without that person's permission); questions/debate about board policy/management; personal attacks/harassment; boycott campaigns.

Commercial posting is strictly prohibited. This means that messages promoting a product or service must not be posted by, or on behalf of, anyone with any sort of financial interest in that product or service. Opportunities for paid advertising are, however, available on this discussion board and elsewhere on the Blindside Solutions site; contact

Solicitations to participate in market research by commercial enterprises are likewise prohibited. Solicitations to participate in research studies by non-profit entities must be cleared by Blindside Solutions before being posted on this board.

Copyrighted material must not be included in postings, but you may provide a link to the original source. In fact, whether or not it's copyrighted, if an article is already present on the web, you should post only a link instead of copying its full text, to avoid needlessly using up disk space on our server.


This blog may include affiliate marketing links for your convenience. You can view ,my full advertising disclosure here.

This policy is valid from $$$


This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me or my approved guest bloggers. As the owner of this blog. I may accept forms of cash advertising, or sponsorship. There might be paid topic insertions. I may accept, and keep, free products, services, and/or other forms of compensation from companies and organizations.


I believe in honesty, and integrity, therefore, any content, advertising space, or posts will be clearly identified as PAID or SPONSORED content. If any items are recommended, it is only because the owner or guest blogger has deemed them worthy of endorsement.. If the guest blogger has entered these, the endorsement is from the guest blogger only and not the blog or owner, unless stated



Medical Disclosure

This blog does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never ignore professional advice, though if you think your professional advice needs additional support, it is recommended that you look to another professional for that advice. The guest blogger or owner do not have professional medical certifications and are not official advice. If this is a medical emergency, recommend you immediately call a doctor or emergency line to get help immediately.



Visitors who use this site and rely on any information do so at their own risk. This site and all it’s materials and content, including purchases of items recommended, are provided without an implied or express warranty of merchantability, non infringement of intellectual property, or fitness for any particular purpose. In no event shall this site, it’s owner, affiliates, agents, contractors, or guests will be liable for any damages.  

Some additional points:

1. This is a family board. Any language or pictures that would not be suitable for a family audience are prohibited. You are not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented material, or anything that may violate any applicable rules. This includes the posting of material that may be generally offensive to, or "flaming" of, users or management of the board. Doing so may lead to your being permanently banned.

2. The webmaster, administrators and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit, and without asking the permission of the original poster, neither do they have to give a reason for editing or closing the post/thread/topic in question.

3. There is to be no open forum flaming of another member. No one will post demeaning comments to one another on the open forum or they will be removed.

4. The decisions of a post either staying, being deleted, or edited are those of the moderators/administrators.

5. This board is here to serve a purpose, namely, support. Support is a broad word and sometimes crosses some of the specific rules stated. Determinations whether posts that appear to skirt some of the rules may stay on the board are those of the moderators/administrators. If you feel something is inappropriate, please contact the appropriate people instead of posting your objections on open forum.

6. Topics started by one person should be kept on track; if you have something that deviates from the main topic, please start another topic.

7. The use of large pictures, cyber 'dolls' and third-party animated emoticons are not allowed. Such animated images may actually cause health problems for some users of our board. If you question this policy and wish to post pictures, please take it up with a moderator/administrator. The smileys provided at the side of posting windows are allowed, but do keep them under control. Posts are to be words, not a bunch of pictures. Pictures aren't allowed at all in signatures.

Please respect these rules while posting on the board. Let us strive to maintain an environment which is always welcoming and open to all users of this board.

Disclaimer: UOAA, its affiliated support groups and the operators of this board are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any form of damages whatsoever resulting from the use (or misuse) of information contained in or implied by any postings on this site. This board should not be relied on as a source of medical advice. What works for one individual may not work for anyone else. Always check with your medical care team for specific medical questions.

Code of Conduct for Forum

Code of Conduct for posting on all forums of this Discussion Board:

The message board is provided by Blindside Solutions as a place for members to support each other in their lives as ostomates. By registering and participating in UOAA Forums, you agree to the following Code of Conduct.

This is YOUR community. Most people have a common sense feel for what is and what is not appropriate in our forums. We do, however, need to have a Code of Conduct for everyone to refer to when the need arises.

We ask that you please:

1. be respectful of all users at all times. This means please use etiquette and politeness. Treat people with kindness and gentleness. If you do this the rest of the Code of Conduct won't need more than a cursory mention.

2. respect the forum staff. We provide a service in our free time to keep the forums running efficiently. We will occasionally ask for your input about your posting, but in most cases we will not; please respect our decisions. Also, we may edit for content, so if you have an issue with our moderation, please contact an administrator or moderator by private message.

3. refrain from using the board to send abusive or harassing private messages or emails.

4. remember that these forums are read by people of all ages so we strive to maintain postings appropriate to everyone.

5. report to a moderator or administrator privately if you have found a post that you feel is inappropriate or that violates the forum Code of Conduct. While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message, so we appreciate your assistance. Please do not start a debate in the open forum by responding to the post.

We further ask you to:

1. understand that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not those of the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people).

2. agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening material or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Any of these actions may result in your being temporarily or permanently banned from these forums, and your service provider may also be informed.

3. understand that the webmaster, administrators and moderators of this forum have the right to send a private message with a warning, and/or may censor any forum user who is in violation of forum policy.

4. acknowledge that, if you continue to violate this Code of Conduct, your account will be reviewed and you could be banned.

5. understand that the forum resolution team (currently the administrators) has the sole discretion to ban violators of this Code of Conduct.

Examples of inappropriate actions that may result in banning:

  • Flaming and condescending messages: Flames are messages that personally attack, call people names, or otherwise harass another forum member (or any person). These, along with any generally condescending posts, will be removed at the moderators’ discretion. This is a banning offense.
  • If the thread is flame-bait (appears to be intended to start an argument or is likely to cause an argument rather than enhance discussion), it will be locked or removed without notice. A post including flame-bait may be deleted or edited at the moderators' discretion. Users who continue to post in this manner or engage in other questionable practices like trolling (posting in an attempt to engage people in arguments), will be banned.

If a thread turns into an argument, it can be locked or removed without notice. A moderator has the right to split the thread or delete certain portions in order to keep the discussion going when possible.

The webmaster, administrators and moderators of this forum are charged with preserving the integrity of the forum content. Editing, deleting content and locking a thread against further entries may become necessary. If so it will be done at the discretion of the webmaster, administrators and moderators when they judge the forum Code of Conduct has been violated.

It should be noted that, like all things, this Code of Conduct will continue to change and evolve with constructive feedback from users and from experience. It is our hope that these policies will create open, honest, and civil discussion. As always, we welcome feedback about any concerns that you may have, so feel free to send your suggestions to the administrators or moderators.


Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to Blindside Solutions.  This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that Blindside Solutions collects, and the ways in which Blindside Solutions uses that personal information.




This document was created using a Contractology template available at


Personal information collection


Blindside Solutions may collect and use the following kinds of personal information:


l  [information about your use of this website;]

l  [information that you provide using for the purpose of registering with the website;]

l  [information about transactions carried out over this website;]

l  [information that you provide for the purpose of subscribing to the website services; and]

l  [any other information that you send to Blindside Solutions.]


Using personal information


Blindside Solutions may use your personal information to:


l  [administer this website;]

l  [personalize the website for you;]

l  [enable your access to and use of the website services;]

l  [publish information about you on the website;]

l  [send to you products that you purchase;]

l  [supply to you services that you purchase;]

l  [send to you statements and invoices;]

l  [collect payments from you; and]

l  [send you marketing communications.]


Where Blindside Solutions discloses your personal information to its agents or sub-contractors for these purposes, the agent or sub-contractor in question will be obligated to use that personal information in accordance with the terms of this privacy statement.


In addition to the disclosures reasonably necessary for the purposes identified elsewhere above, Blindside Solutions may disclose your personal information to the extent that it is required to do so by law, in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings, and in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights.


Securing your data


Blindside Solutions will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information.


Blindside Solutions will store all the personal information you provide [on its secure servers].


[Information relating to electronic transactions entered into via this website will be protected by encryption technology.]


Updating this statement


Blindside Solutions may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on this website. 


You should check this page occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any changes. 


Other websites


This website contains links to other websites. 


Blindside Solutions is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party and does not sell, trade or provide its customer list to other third parties unless required by law.


Contact Blindside Solutions


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or Blindside Solutions’ treatment of your personal information, please write:


l  by email to; or

l  by post to 205 Patterson Mill Road, Bel Air, MD 21015.

This Privacy statement was created with support by


Terms & Conditions for Courses

Blindside Solutions (hereafter referred to as the “company”, “Blindside Solutions”, “we”, “us”, and “our”) provides We encourage prospective clients to read Blindside Solutions’ terms and conditions, prior to any purchases.


  1. The “Company”, “Blindside Solutions”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” - this refers to Blindside Solutions Inc with a registered office at 205 Patterson Mill Road, Bel Air, MD 21015, United States.
  2. “Customer”, “Your”, “You” - this refers to the individual purchasing from Blindside Solutions that intends to attend a training event.
  3. “Booker” - this refers to the person making the booking with Blindside Solutions, on behalf of a client attending the course.
  4. “The Website” - this refers to the
  5. “Terms and Conditions” - this refers to the terms of usage and conditions under which all purchases are pursued and the website is utilized.
  6. “Booking Form” - this is an agreement between Blindside Solutions and its clients, with regard to prospective delivery of services.
  7. “Course Instructions” - this refers to a set of instructions that are given to clients upon receipt of payment, regarding event-related details.
  8. “Working Days” - this refers to days between Monday and Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

Blindside Solutions reserves the right to cancel, move, and reschedule a training event or coursed due to circumstances beyond their control, such as trainer illness or attendance less than 7 people. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact and notify clients of any alteration to the course. If the event is cancelled, the client will have the option to reschedule, rebook in a different course/service, or receive full refund. Virtual Training will also be offered. 


Upon purchase, customers will be provided with login information for use of online content and pre-course activities. As this constitutes a good portion of the content, the customer understands that they cannot get full refund if they have accessed the materials. Customer cancellations vary depending on time before event.

Blindside Solutions reserves the right to cancel, move, and reschedule a training event or coursed due to circumstances beyond their control, such as act of Nature. We have a backup instructor and Virtual Training is also available. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact and notify clients of any alteration to the course. If the event is cancelled, the client will have the option to reschedule, rebook in a different course/service, or receive full refund.

Client cancellations vary depending on time before event. 1-30 days before an event = NO REFUNDS - Reschedule only; 31-60 days before an event = $100 cancellation charge (We have ordered your materials) - Reschedule option is also available; Full refund available 60+ days before the event. If cancellation occurs and payment hasn't been received, interest will begin to accrue the day of the event.

  • 1-30 days before an event = NO REFUNDS - Reschedule only;

  • 31-60 days before an event = $100 cancellation charge or Reschedule;

  • Full refund available 60+ days before the event.

If cancellation occurs and payment hasn't been received, interest will begin to accrue the day of the event.

To qualify for the Exam Pass Guarantee, you must complete the final online practice test. If you do not pass, you can attend additional sessions until you pass - but will not get additional materials. The  final online practice test will help to show areas that the customer is challenged with, to allow the instructor to better help them pass. The customer will - upon proof of failure, have the option of attending another PMP Prep scheduled in the future. 

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