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Tech Investment Tips for Small Business Owners Ready to Get Growing


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Small business owners can feel as if they are trying to swim upstream, especially if they are trying to compete in a sea of corporate giants. To carve out and maintain a bigger portion of your market, technology can be the key. While you might not have the budget to invest as much as the big dogs, some tech-oriented options are especially affordable, and they can make the difference between sinking or swimming.

Start with Sound Security

When your business is on the small side, it can be easy to think you’re immune from cybercrime. However, that attitude can make for a precarious future. Hackers are actually likely to target small businesses, simply because they tend to be easy pickings. What’s worse, some statistics indicate that if a small business is hacked, there’s a good chance they will close their doors within 6 months.

It’s in your best interest to have your data well-protected. Ensure you have a firewall installed to protect against things like viruses, and add encryption software to jumble your data, destroying its usefulness to hijackers.

Enhanced Web Presence

If you’re curious about a company, or if you are in need of a new product or service, chances are good you do a little surfing to learn where you want to spend your money. That’s what your potential customers are doing as well, so it’s in your best interest to have an impressive website.

If yours doesn’t fit the bill, consider hiring a website developer to lend a hand. When you place your website in good hands, you’ll get a speedy site with a brand that stands out from the competition. Someone who knows their way around mobile technologies can make your website compatible across various platforms. A web developer will also input all the essential components of a successful site, such as user-friendly navigation, easy-to-find contact information, testimonials, and links to find you on social media.

Stay Socially Engaged

How does your small business use social media? More than a stress-relieving surf during your downtime, social media can provide an important window of opportunity.

According to some statistics, more than a third of all internet users check social media networks when they are researching products and services. On top of that, followers of your page are more inclined to spend their money with you than with your competitors. With that in mind, a lively and interesting offering is a must.

Chances are good that you’re already spread thin, and the idea of spending very much time posting on various social media channels is unappealing, if not impossible. Thankfully, there are some terrific tools available to help you in this quest, from those that integrate scheduled posts to all the heavy-hitting channels to those that allow you to work out your ideas in a bulletin board fashion. Sort out what will work best for yourself and your clientele, and then develop some great content to keep your followers engaged.

Worthwhile Watchables

Web content can seem like a mystery to many small business owners. After all, you have a business to run, and working out your ideas for entertaining your customers might be little more than a fleeting notion. However, there are some types of content that are especially worthwhile. For instance, a blog is still a must-have in the world of cyberspace, providing information and resources that are valuable to your customers. It’s a chance to snag internet traffic, establish yourself as having expertise, and have conversations with your followers.

On top of written content, BuzzSumo notes videos are all the rage. On Facebook, for instance, users engaged nearly 60 percent more with videos than other types of posts in 2018. While this might be uncomfortable for some business owners, you can always limit your audience by either avoiding fully public posts or sharing via private messaging.

There are some excellent video editing software options you can use for free. Another idea is to hire a marketing agency or video content creator to get professional insights into how to create the best content. They can give advice on how to reach your target audience, as well as help you create top-notch content to keep your followers coming back for more.

Upgraded Smartphone

A new smartphone is more of an investment than an affordable purchase, but if your current phone just isn’t letting you do business efficiently (making video calls, checking emails, accessing apps, etc.), then you would do well to upgrade. Make it a worthwhile investment by choosing a phone that will help your business thrive, even when you’re not at the office.

There are several great top-of-the-line options for Apple and Android fans alike. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro includes a large display and prolonged battery life, which can help you easily perform business operations anywhere. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus can run all day without needing to recharge, and it also boasts an impressive screen.

If you’re ready to become a bigger fish in the pond, some well-chosen tech investments are a sound solution. Make sure your data is safe and that your website is outstanding, and engage with your clientele on social media in a way they will look forward to using and sharing. Finally, consider purchasing a good smartphone to power your business on the go. With just a few smart investments in tech, your small business will bloom!

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