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Surviving COVID-19 and Pneumonia: A Personal Battle with Viral and Bacterial Infections

Updated: Mar 4

On March 6, 2020, I had the onset of COVID like symptoms. This was at the beginning of the COVID experience. The test kits weren't accurate and were almost impossible to find. No one knew what was actually happening.

By March 17th, they determined that viral pneumonia was starting to set in. Doctors were literally checking on me daily. Not just the nurses or offices, but I had doctors calling me to check on my status (although I do have some really great doctors). Luckily, I had all the tech toys to help me diagnose myself. I also was terrified to go to the hospital. I did not want to be intubated. March was my worst and couldn't work through most of March. In this time, I actually had nights that friends and family listened on the phone with me overnight, to ensure that I was breathing. My blood pressure regularly spiked, so much that my cardiologist temporarily increased my dosage much higher.

April 6th things improved a little bit. I could work again but was miserable doing so. Thank goodness my work is able to be done 100% telework. COVID brain was real and focusing was so hard. The doctors added additional nootropics to help me cope. I did make it through.

On April 10th, I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. For 7 days I took a Z-pack (azithromycin), 2 days after I was feeling a little better, but not enough. The doctor then put me on 7 days of the same antibiotics they use to treat the plague. A few days of not as bad. Bacterial pneumonia had improved. Then viral pneumonia came back. By then it was middle to end of May.

Believe it or not, it continued. The worst was through end of June, after that, it was weaker, but still there. In August, when I wasn't getting better, the doctors ran a battery of so many tests. We finally realized that my immune system had completely shut down and it is not expected to return. My final diagnosis is Primary Immune Deficiency - Specific Antibody Deficiencies (bronchitis and pneumonia) and Immunoglobulin (Ig) G subclass Deficiencies for sub classes 2 and 4. More articles about this subject in the future - keep watching.

Now you know the timeline, but here is what I did during that March through till the end of August time period. I was doing sinus wash with 2 cups of distilled water 2 or more times per day. There were some days I did them 4-6 times in one day. I ended up buying my own water distiller, since stores did not stock distilled water for a little while near me.

Here is a link to a similar water distiller. I think these are great. I enjoy drinking distilled water occasionally, and it saves me money, as I use so much of it. It also helps the environment, as most distilled water is sold in gallon plastic jugs. I also believe that it saves me from the added plastic particles that leach into the plastic jugs.

I started doing Self Chest percussion 2 or more times per day to clear the fluid from my lungs. This has turned out to be the most effective method I have found for any chest infection. I will be posting more information about the process I used in a future article. Keep watch.

Homedics Percussion Massager With Heat : Target (I will not get any benefits from this link - this is the same items I bought to use for myself, but other items could be used as well.)

Warm mist humidifier running 24\7 by my bed. Basically, I locked myself in my room, so I wouldn't spread through the house. Major cleaning and wearing a mask when I did. I began my first monthly immune system treatment August 21st. I had a few hiccups at the beginning of September, but signs of infection dropped quickly. True health feeling took over six months. My cardio took over a year to get to normal ranges. Here I am over a year and a half after the start of my immune system treatments. I now have Omicron COVID. Luckily, I got my second dose of the Moderna shot in October. My immunologist says that it is likely I will be fine, but he wants me to check my pulse oxygen regularly. (He actually recommended the Pulse Ox feature in my phone more than the little one that clipped onto my finger?)

This has been my personal experience with COVID and both viral and bacterial pneumonia in 2020. I will continue the stories with the new diagnosis. I encourage you to try some of the treatments above, if you find yourself in similar situations.

I would really appreciate hearing from others on their experiences and recommendations for other home treatments that may have worked. Please leave a message in the Comments below.

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Artistic rendering of a COVID-19 virus
COVID-19 Depiction of a Virus

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