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Trip to Cape Charles 

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I took my kids and their dates to Cape Charles, VA for a quick pass through on our way to Chincoteague, back from Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This is a very small, vacation town in Virginia just north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Someone at the Welcome Center at the north side of the Bridge/Tunnel told us about this hidden gem. I'm so thankful!

It is a short jaunt off the main Route 13 and well worth the trip. In it's history, it was the way to get to Norfolk from the Maryland Route 1 side. Then they built the Bay Bridge Tunnel. It has several historic buildings and there are a number of B&Bs over various affordability options. The marina makes it handy for those with boats and the golf courses in the area are developed by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklas. With all the nearby state parks, wildlife refuges and local activities, it is a perfect location for a relaxing vacation with the family. It also has a huge artist community. Their Main Street is Mason Avenue, which includes a collection of quaint shops with fantastic artworks.

The walk along Main Street want complete until we stopped at Brown Dog Ice cream. Delicious. I can see why they have such high reviews. I can attest to the fact that their espresso coffee in a coffee is byfar the best way to drink any coffee now on a hot summer day. That hit the spot and was delicious. I also stole bites of the kids Mocha, chocolate, and cookie dough. All mouthwatering.

Brown Dog Ice Cream

We came for the beach though. The Chesapeake Bay side beach front was perfect. The breeze was present but not over powering. The sand was soft and clean. The big waves were non-existent. With the growth of a sandbar that allowed sand to accumulate, the water was waist high for a long way out. A few feet past the shore, the bottom was just soft sand below your feet and the water was actually fairly clear. Many parents of young children were easily watching their children play in the water, as if it were a swimming pool.

The locals said that the place becomes a ghost town after October. I can say that August 18th was a perfect time. Apparently, some kids are in school and the others are getting ready for school. Things were very slow.

Overall, great trip. My kids have asked if we can plan a future longer trip there. It was a fun little area that has a lot to offer. I encourage you go.



Beach Photo to the Left

Look how far out some people were able to stand!

Beach Photo to the right

Adorable Love sign with my kids, their dates, and myself.

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