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Strategic Planning - Steps in Process

•The organization must start with an Evaluation of where they are

•Then Build a long-term plan for where they want to Go. The goal is to know where you are going as far out as possible.

•10 year, 5 year, and 3 year plans are standard.

•The farther out the organization can plan, the better the end plan will be to help the organization reach the goals.

•Must work from the Long term to the Short term

Sounds easy... Right!

Complete an evaluation of the status of the organization

  • Confirm Mission/Vision

  • Existing Metrics – where possible

  • Value Statements

  • Evaluate Challenges/Opportunities

  • Select a Period of Long Term – 3 yr, 5 yr, or 10 yr (longer the better)

Define Long Term Strategic Goals of the Organization

Long Term Plan to Reach the Goals – High Level Annual Milestones

Break into High Level Annual Milestones into a plan to how this will be achieved with Quarterly Milestones

Break the Quarterly Milestones into Monthly plan to how this will be achieved with list of Resources needed to achieve this goal

  • Budget

  • Staffing Plan

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