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You Have a Right to Not Wear a Mask

Americans have rights that other countries don't. You can make choices... just because you want to. With these rights, there are pros and cons.

You have a right to not wear a mask. Right now, in the COVID era, mask use is clearly a choice. Before you make that choice... think through the choice to exercise your right.

How do you feel about when they banned smoking in public places? They did that to protect those that did not want to be subjected to second hand smoke. Do you feel that was a good decision?

Well, COVID is also dangerous to people and other people want to not have fear when they go places. Why is it ok to take the rights of smokers away to smoke anywhere they want? Because what is best for others health is worth it. The smokers took away our rights to breathe fresh air. In this case, you not wearing a mask takes away the rights of those that are concerned to go places without fear.

If you said, I just don't go where smokers go and I avoid those areas... Remember or think about how things were before the ban.

It is now against the law to smoke in public places. Now you have more places you can go. Do you remember when that wasn't the case? There would have been few places you could go where they weren't smoking. I remember seeing people smoking in restaurants, grocery stores, and the movie theater. Did or would you not go to those places then?

In Japan, they wear masks as a sign of respect to/for each other. It is not a law, but it is done for several reasons.

Is your reason medical related? It is possible, but the list of medical reasons is actually quite short.

The US had to put in place a law about smoking. Why? Because in the US, there are fewer people who respect the needs of others and look out for each other. COVID and mask wearing is the same situation. It is something that shouldn't have to be a law. People should naturally want to look out for those weaker around us. If you are pro smoking ban, for the reason of protecting your health. You should understand why the issue of wearing a mask is so important to others.

Some people argue that those who have health reasons should just stay home. Unfortunately, there are times they must go out. If they do stay in, their family and friends must be extra vigilant to ensure they stay healthy, in order to be around those who need precautions. They are in a great deal of worry and concern, to the point of fear in some. It is actually a health hazard for them, increasing their chance of getting it, by you not wearing a mask. The action of not wearing a mask is disrespectful to them. Basically, you are telling them they are not important enough to protect their well being with a simple act.

By definition, Selfish means, (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

By definition, Disrespectful means, showing a lack of respect or courtesy; impolite.

Using the choice of "it's my right" or "I find them uncomfortable" is a personal choice, but one that is selfish. The action of not wearing a mask is selfish and disrespectful, unless there is a medical or psychological reason not to.

Before you say that I'm calling people who exercise their right to not wear a mask selfish and disrespectful, it is possible to do selfish and disrespectful acts without being a selfish or disrespectful person.

One way or the other... in the end. It is your right, unless they pass a law. Maybe this will help you make that choice, in favor or others. Maybe you will decide that in this moment you choose to be selfish and disrespectful. That is your right.

It is possible (very likely) no one said that to your face (I would) but it is likely what others are thinking. Like I said, you can be one of the best people, but not realize you were making a selfish or disrespectful choice. Now that you know, you still have the right to make a selfish or disrespectful choice occasionally and still be a good person, but it is something you need to decide on your own.

Photo byAnna ShvetsfromPexels

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