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PMP Exam Application Resources & Spreadsheet

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam application process is very challenging. There are several resources that can make it much easier for you. Here are some resources to take the difficulty out of the process. Helpful hints, Application Checklist, Spreadsheet

REMINDER - Please do not submit a Project Management Institute (PMI) Credential Application before you have successfully completed the course(s) used for the necessary contact hours needed to sit for the PMI Credential Examinations.

PMI provides some downloads to help.

One of their main helps is the Application Checklist.

This provides a quick review before you submit to help you to ensure you have everything compiled to apply with less hassle and timeouts.

Their online Handbook and an Outline of the Exam can also help provide some summaries of what to expect. Some key take aways:

  • Project Managers perform their duties under general supervision and are responsible for all aspects of the project for the life of the project

  • Project descriptions should be a high level summary of the tasks you led and directed on the project (e.g. Initiating: develop project charter, WBS etc.; Planning: Scope definition etc.; and so on). Project management experience is required in each of the process areas when all projects are totaled, but not on each project. Project descriptions must be provided for all projects submitted on application.

  • Projects must be part of your Professional Project Work Experience Only! Unless they were part of your Professional Work - Do not use Project entries that are outside of this, such as:

My own personal wedding

Academic research for a degree-granting program

Creation of a newsletter

Home improvement project

  • Do not include: routine, operational, or administrative tasks and responsibilities

One of the main challenges is that the PMI website times out on you - so you must populate the information off-line, then copy and paste - to really make good use of your time. I have researched around to try to find the best Spreadsheet tool to use. Most of the resources all point back to the same form - designed by Integrated Process Developers, Inc. They really have a great form. Other groups have copied and rebranded, but I wanted to keep their form and provide a direct link to their site. They also offer some other great tools and resources. Located in Canton, MI - they offer a on-site 5 day Monday-Friday course.

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