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Meet Bucky

Meet my pup, Bucky. He was a rescue from a kill shelter in Texas area. He came to me from an abusive home, where he was locked in a small cage for most of his first year and beaten. He is a Mountain Cur, which is a non official breed typically used in hunting. I think he might have some greyhound in him also. I am hoping to do some DNA testing on the pups one day, so I'm hoping this will confirm this for me. He is so fast.

His brindle coloring is so nice. He is quite the attention hound also. He has quite the personality.

He loves pretty much every other animal out there. He is especially protective of the cats. It's funny. He is protective especially with my cat Willow, though I think it is because she was so tiny when we got her. He cleans her and always checks up on her when she walks into a room. He won't let the boys (the other cats) pick on her.

I have recently found that he can be a bit protective over me, until I "approve" of the person. Then he is all wags.

As he had the cage issue when I got him, he was terrified of cages. Now he will sit in one, but not with the door closed. I'm having some issues with him marking around the house. Not sure how to resolve that. He knows some tricks. I'm going to try to video them and add them to my YouTube Channel. You might want to check them out.

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