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Hiking the Billy Goat Trail

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

My cousin's wife Kelly recommended that we try a hike. She selected a hike near her house.

It takes about 1.2 miles on the large nice flat C&O Canal path to get to the entrance of the Billy Goat Trail. The trail then has 3 sections. Section A—1.75 miles, but thank goodness there is a cut through halfway through this one for those that can't go longer. We took the cut through.

The website recommends :

  • Good, comfortable, broken-in, hiking shoes that grip well on rocks and hills; The majority of injuries—sprained ankles, tweaked knees, and falls—happen because people did not wear good shoes.

  • Two liters of water per person

  • Snacks

  • Suncreen and a hat

  • A map

I can attest that all of these are needed and none of these are what we brought.

Internet was reliable most times but spotty in others.

It was gorgeous! Beautiful day too. If it was bad weather, or risk of bad weather, I wouldn't go, as the rocks were slippery just due to all the oils of people's hands.

No this was not us. No way would this be us.

This is me. Exhausted and sitting down for a while. Boy, I'm out of shape.

Here is me and my daughter.

I'm so glad we went. I'm looking forward to going back once I've gotten stronger. It gives you a workout though. I highly encourage that area. So beautiful!

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