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Boosting Your Income During Tough Times

There are few experiences more discouraging than going over your budget and realizing it’s not going to work. Unfortunately, it’s an experience that’s all too common right now. All over the country, people are facing reduced hours or joblessness. The job hunt is fierce and competitive, and many emergency funds are rapidly dwindling.

If you need to bring in more money, these tips from Brandy Over 40 can help. You deserve to reach your goals, and Possibilities Amplified can give you the tools you need to get there. Here’s a look at a few ways you can up your income now:

Look Into a Side Hustle

One of the simplest ways to make extra money is to pick up a side hustle. Contract work in your spare time is a fantastic option, since it allows you to set your own hours and workload. This means it’s incredibly flexible, and super easy to fit around your current work schedule or job hunt.

Another great advantage of getting established with freelance work is, if it’s a good fit, it can become a full-time job. Even if it’s not something you want to do forever, however, freelance work keeps your resume current and your skills sharp. Moreover, successful contract employment shows future hiring managers that you’re self-motivated and well organized.

Invest in Your Own Skills

Another way to boost your income is to take some time to invest in your own skills. For example, if you’re in a creative field, College Info Geek says now could be a good time to make an online portfolio. This gives you the chance to showcase your work, catch potential employers’ eye, and stand out from the competition.

Taking an online business or skills course is another option. There are plenty of short classes available online that can improve your marketability. For example, you can become certified in Google Analytics for free within a few hours’ time. There are also a ton of online courses designed to teach you simple programming - and a passing knowledge of code is extremely desirable for some fields. Even informal research, such as learning about COVID-19 business relief programs or digging into industry trends, can help you stand out in an interview.

Job Hunt Smarter, Not Harder

Applying for jobs can feel like a race against time. In some ways, it is - obviously, you have expenses, and you need money to afford them. However, don’t let that trick you into thinking the solution is to rush. Many applicants fill out dozens of job applications a day, thinking that casting a wide net will get results. The nature of this approach means that your applications are all usually pretty similar to one another, and you’re not particularly likely to stand out in any of them. Although you might get a job that way, it’s not likely to be the right job, or even a pretty good one.

Instead, focus on applying for jobs you really want, at companies where you know you can make an impact. Be choosy, and then TopResume suggests using your time wisely by creating a job application tailored for that position specifically. This approach typically gets you more interviews, more offers, and, most importantly, it spares you from getting several interviews deep for a job you don’t actually want.

You’ll have to put in a lot of work to make extra money right now. In the meantime, check out some of these tips for saving money on the basics. You may be able to stretch your budget just a little bit further, and soon, you’ll have the additional income you need to make things easier again.

Article by Derek Goodman

Brandy Over 40 is a lifestyle blog covering everything from travel and health to self improvement and career tips. Read more informative articles today!

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