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Boordy Wine Tour

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

We decided to take the Boordy Winery tour in Maryland.

It was a beautiful day with high of 80 degrees, around 2pm. Their last tour starts at 3:30pm. I would suggest taking that one, since the temperature dropped just enough by then to make it less heat. It wasn't bad at 2pm, but recommend later if possible.

The tour was so interesting and very well done. I learned so much about wine making that I didn't even realize before that. The tour guide was funny and kept everyone interested. He obviously loved his job.

Next we decided to stay for a wine tasting. There were two options. The Landmark wines, which are higher quality grapes of all dry wines or their regular tasting of an assortment with 2 sweet wines. We chose the regular. A few people around us tried the Landmarks and kept gushing about how nice a few of them were. We decided to come back another time to try those.

The wines were varieties that we typically would not have ordered for ourselves. We tried the first half of the tasting list, then say and talked for a while before trying the rest of the set of 8 wines. We started with one server. Her pours were much more generous than the second server. Unfortunately, we didn't like the first set of wines as much. The final two wines were our favorites. I did end up buying 2 bottles and a block of locally sourced cheese.

They have several activities at the winery regularly. On Saturday evenings they will bring a band and local companies will set up booths with food, crafts and such. Lots of dancing and fun. They also have a farmers market type place. These have been added to the future fun list.

Overall, it was a fun time and not that expensive. Next time, I would pack a nice picnic meal and make use of the tables, so I can properly relax and enjoy. I encourage you to try them out. If you go, please add your experience in the comments below!

Boordy Winery

12820 Long Green Pike, Hydes, MD 21082

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