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Become Adaptive to Change with These 5 shifts

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Have you ever wanted to be more adaptive to change? According to the emotional intelligence expert Richard Boyatzis, and Weatherhead School of Management colleagues Melvin Smith and Ellen Van Oosten, they present a clear and hopeful message. You can activate the empathic neural networks in our body, through steps they recommend. Richard Boyatzis is a Distinguished Professor in Neuroscience in the Department of Organizational Behavior, Psychology and Cognitive Science at the Case Western Reserve University. His books include the international bestseller Primal Leadership with Daniel Goldman and Annie McKee. His latest book is called Helping People Change.

In his book,

Boyatzis emphasizes the importance of a compassionate and empathetic approach to coaching and mentoring. He highlights the power of real relationships, where individuals feel understood, supported, and inspired, as a catalyst for change. By creating an environment where people feel safe, coaches can help people tap into their own inner motivations and values, enabling them to envision a future they want and spuring them to take proactive steps towards it.

The book introduces the concept of the "Ideal Self" and its significance in driving change. Boyatzis explains that people are more likely to succeed when the future they desire aligns with their core values and strengths. By helping individuals explore their aspirations and connect with their authentic selves, coaches can encourage self-discovery and promote sustained change.

He also discusses the neurological aspects of change, highlighting the importance of positive emotions and resonance in facilitating brain plasticity and growth. He provides practical tools and techniques, such as storytelling, active listening, and asking powerful questions, to help coaches foster meaningful and impactful conversations that drive transformation.

Throughout the book, it emphasizes the role of self-awareness and self-reflection in the change process. Coaches are encouraged to cultivate their own emotional intelligence and to continually examine their own biases and assumptions. Coaches can create a collaborative partnership that empowers individuals to embrace change and realize their full potential, by modeling openness and vulnerability.

In summary, "Helping People Change" is a comprehensive guide for coaches, mentors, and anyone interested in facilitating personal and professional growth. It offers valuable insights, research-backed strategies, and practical tools to support individuals on their journey of intentional change, fostering resilience, self-discovery, and lasting transformation.

If you are interested in learning more, you can do what I did. Check out the website below and take his test.

Answer these 12 questions to find out more about your own action plan to improve your change.

Here is the book cover for the book written by Richard Boyatzis, Helping People Change.
Here is the book cover for the book written by Richard Boyatzis, Helping People Change.

Here is the book cover for the book written by Richard Boyatzis, Helping People Change.

Here is the link to his website.

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